Grandma Ruth’s (my Mom’s) Cabbage Rolls

My Mom makes her mom’s cabbage rolls; here’s her delicious recipe!

“Large head of cabbage…freeze for a week.
Thaw completely and cut out core.  The leaves will peel easily and pliable.
If they are too large I cut them in 2 pieces.  Cut out a V to remove the spine.
Place the outside green leaves on the bottom of the roaster and save some for the top.

Mix: Medium ground beef  and lean ground pork together well.  Mix in parboiled rice so the proportions are about half and half.  Place on leaf and roll tucking in the ends.

Place in a large roaster in layers.  I usually do 2 or 3 because I like to make a lot.  In between the layers I pour diced tomatoes, celery and baby carrots and a lot of pepper and some salt. Then layer again, etc.  Top up the liquid portion with tomato juice and a little water. Cover with any remaining leaves.  Cover and cook in 325 degree oven for a few hours.”


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