Hard Boiled Egg

(yes 😉  )

  • Large fresh egg(s)
  • Fresh water

Gently place the eggs into the bottom of a pot into which they will fit comfortably.  Slowly fill the pot with fresh room temperature water until it reaches about 1″ above the tops of the eggs (if the eggs float, they are not fresh).

Place the pot, lid off, onto the stove top, and turn the burner onto high setting.  Bring water to a rolling boil, then turn the burner off.  Place the pot’s lid on.

Let the eggs stand in the pot full of hot water for exactly 14 minutes.

Carefully pour the hot water out, and run the eggs under cold water until they are room temperature, or cool to touch.  Peel, and use as desired.


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Filed under food, Protein, Vegetarian (lacto/ovo)

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